Frequently asked questions

I can't remember my password?
When you come to log in (either when you've selected your tickets, or by clicking on 'My Account' on the right hand side of your screen) enter your email address in the specified field and then click where it asks underneath.

I can't remember the email address I signed up with?
Please call our box office on 01223 300085, and our staff will be able to tell you your username (email address), and reset your password if necessary.

I can't login or select seats?
If you have allowed the cookie you will also need to allow the third party cookie to access the booking system.

In  Internet Explorer you can do this by clicking TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > PRIVACY > SITES. Type and click ALLOW. This will not affect your security for other websites.

In  Safari go to SAFARI > PREFERENCES and click on the Privacy Tab. If your preferences are set to block cookies 'always', you should any problems are resolved if you change this to 'never' or 'third parties and advertisers'.

In  Mozilla Firefox you can do this by clicking TOOLS > OPTIONS > PRIVACY. Change the drop-down box to 'Use Custom Settings for History' and click EXCEPTIONS. Type into the field and click ALLOW. This will not affect your security for other websites.

We are aware that users of  Internet Explorer 6 and below are not able to display our booking system correctly. Please use another browser or upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

If this does not help please contact us with details of the error and your browser settings.

The online booking system won't accept my card.
We know of some cards that our Merchant Services provider won't accept; for example we cannot accept American Express or cards with a foreign billing address. Please call our Box Office on 01223 300085, or use a different card.

Can I log out once I've booked my tickets?
Yes, under the 'My Account' heading on the right hand side of your screen you will see a link that says 'Login/Logout'. Simply click this and you will be taken to a page which will either provide a 'Logout' button, or, if you are not logged in then will ask for your login details.

Where can I collect my tickets?
Tickets can be collected from the ADC Theatre Box Office in advance of the event during our usual box office 
opening hours or from the event venue on the day of the performance when the doors open.

Can I book student/concessionary tickets online?
Yes. When you've selected your show, and for performances with reserved seating which seat(s) you want, you will have the ability to choose which type each ticket should be.

Why is there a limit on the number of tickets I can buy online?
We want to discourage people buying and reselling our tickets. Also, if you are buying a large number of tickets, we can offer a group discount for certain performances. Please call our box office.

Your frequently asked questions haven't helped me. What else can I do?
Please call our Box Office on 01223 300085 and our staff will try and help you with the online booking process. Please do communicate problems with us, as that will help us make changes for the future. For less urgent issues, or if the box office is closed, please e-mail with your query.