West Road Concert Hall
Sat 29 September
Sampson Orchestra

Fantasy and Legend

Dvorak, Bruch & Rimsky-Korsakov

DVOŘÁK – Carnival Overture

One of Dvorak's greatest hits - the second of three pieces designated as concert overtures (although they are, in effect, tone poems) in which he expresses his ideas about nature as the giver of life's beauties, joys and shadows – written to mark his 50th birthday in 1891 - Carnival the most extrovert of them - man enjoying all that is good in life to the full but also pausing to ponder the source of the joy and who/what provides it (Nature) in a central short reflective section

BRUCH – Scottish Fantasy

Written 1878-80 in Berlin – premiered in Liverpool 1881 to where Bruch had moved on being appointed director of the Philharmonic Society. Bruch was always noted for his beautiful melodies and he attributed that fact to his interest in folk music which began in 1862 when he came across “The Scots Musical Museum”,  a collection of 600 Scottish folk-songs compiled during the years 1787 to 1803 by James Johnson with the help of Robert Burns - Bruch's picture of Scotland owed much to Sir Walter Scott's novel – each of its 4 movements based on a Scottish folk-song

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Scheherazade

Rimsky-Korsakov was a gifted amateur with a natural artistic instinct, an exceptional sense of orchestral colour and a spontaneous creative talent – in the early 1880s his gifts seemed to desert him but he rediscovered them late in the decade and produced his three greatest orchestral works, the Capriccio Espagnol, Scheherazade and the Russian Easter Festival Overture. Scheherazade completed 1888 - inspired by the collection of Oriental stories known as The Arabian Nights or The 1001 Nights, which first appeared in the western world in the 18th century, initiating a vogue for all things Oriental.
Background to the stories: The Sultan Shakriar, convinced of the falsehood and inconsistency of all women, swore an oath to put to death each of his wives after the first night. However, the Sultana Scheherazade saved her life by arousing his interest in the tales which she told during the 1001 nights. Driven by curiosity the Sultan postponed her execution from day to day and at last abandoned his sanguinary design. In a large-scale 4-movement work, Rimsky-Korsakov depicts facets of some of the stories in a rich orchestral tapestry that is one of the wonders of Russian music


Sat 29 September at 7:30pm


150 minutes


West Road Concert Hall


£18 adults £16 concessions £10 students £5 under 18s

West Road Concert Hall is one of Cambridge's premier music venues. Ideally situated only minutes' walk from the famous Cambridge Backs and King's College, it is renowned for its superb acoustic qualities.

Please note there is restricted viewing from some of the balcony seating.


Three wheelchair spaces are available in the concert hall with easy access at ground floor level throughout the building.

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